Journal Entry - Anxiety, stress, and overwhelm

Journal Entry: Struggling To Finish Projects As An Entrepreneur

Date:ย 2017-10-19(+20) This article or journal entry is a bit of an experiment. Maybe you will like it; maybe you will not. Just let me know afterward in the comments ๐Ÿ™‚ I tend to avoid writing my journal entries on my blog. Partly because I’ve been writing in my physical journal, and partly because I’ve written those in Swedish. Today, I feel a bit different. I want to share my struggles, and I want to write about them on my computer. If this will end up as a journal entry on my computer never to see the light or if I […]

How I beat seasonal depression with life hacks

How I Beat Seasonal Depression

Earlier this year, in February, I had a severe seasonal depression. My mental capacity was at zero. I couldn’t concentrate. It felt like my brain was a lump of greasy mud;ย even having a normal conversation was a challenge. So forย two weeks, all I did was to play games all day long. But as always, I grew tired and frustrated with the situation. I longed to write articles for this blog; I didn’t want the seasonal depression to continue all the way until April. I had to cure it no matter what. But that’s not that easy when you don’t have the energy to do anything.