Hi, I’m Matteus. I’m glad you’ve found this site and are reading this 🙂

My mission is to

  • Aspire you to take charge of your life by taking action
  • To bring new weird ideas to you, and thus expand your vision of possibilities
  • To be authentic and personal
  • Bring value to people’s’ lives
  • Connect with like-minded people


While at first glance it might look like I only have this blog. I have other “products,” and the vision for all of these are a bit different. But you could say that the blog is my main hub for all products.

Blog vision

With this blog, I want to create a place for unique and weird personal development ideas. I want to connect with you in an authentic and heart-centered approach. I don’t only want to share what I have learned, but the hardships I’ve gone through life. And things in the past I’m not so proud of.

I strive to write new, inspirational, and quality articles. Either by examining them in a new light, combining multiple ideas, or just a personal touch. The goal with my articles is to motivate you to take action immediately in your life. To create the life that you want; one step at a time.

I pondered if I wanted to niche this blog or not. And while I know it’s easier to get focus readers on creating a niche I still want a broader blog. I want to have an audience that is interested in diverse topics. And more importantly, I want to, like Steve Pavlina, be able to do deep dives.

Because doing deep dives was one of the reasons I created this blog and working with this. At the same time, I want to write high-quality content that you might not be able to find in other areas.

Ebooks vision

I want to create simple and hands down books that make it easy to take action. I don’t want to create ebooks that people just read and put away; thinking they have made some progress. No, I want the books to be actionable.

I also want to make it fun and simple doing the quests (exercises) in the book. As a game developer, I want to bring in my touch of what makes a game fun into the books. The quests will still be hard to complete because they can be challenging, but they should be very simple to do.

Everyone that picks up one of my books should have gotten something out of it.

App vision

I create simple, elegant, and intuitive apps that let people focus on the things they love.

My apps solve a single problem in an excellent way. They are straightforward and intuitive to use. The design is minimalistic and beautiful.

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