New year resolutions for 2017, Q 2.5

Resolutions For 2017 — Q2.5 Update

The second update of how my resolutions are doing. It’s time to take a look at how my resolutions are doing 🙂

This article is mostly interesting if you want to see what goals I have and how I try to accomplish these resolutions; or to show you that I’m human and don’t complete all of my resolutions. The idea of my new year resolutions is, however, to accomplish as many as possible (if they’re still valid or congruent with what I want).

Prime Your Day With The Miracle Morning Habits

Start Your Day With The Miracle Morning Routine

Not a morning person? No worries. The Miracle Morning works for everyone, including me who don’t think of myself as a morning person. The Miracle Morning is probably the easiest self-help tool I’ve tried, often the exercises I’ve tried aren’t fun. But what I like with the Miracle Morning is that it’s highly customizable making the whole routine very rewarding and fun to do 🙂

How to focus with a customized pomodoro technique

How To Focus With A Personalized Pomodoro Technique

When I started out as an entrepreneur, I was easily distracted by all the notifications around me. I would jump from task to task every 10 minutes, trying to multitask to the best of my abilities. Answering emails, messages, and calls.

Little did I know that this approach is highly inefficient. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon the WorkAwesome blog, the book Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy, and most importantly the Pomodoro Technique.

The Smart and right way to learn new things

The Smart And Right Way To Learn New Things

The problem I have with learning is that skip parts that I find difficult instead of tackling them. But what’s even more common, is that I want to progress in the perfect order, even if I’m qualified to jump over the “beginner tutorial.” When I want to learn something new or when I practice a piano piece I often want to do that as efficiently as possible, but I also want to learn it “the right way.”

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