Bero Honeydew Meal Recipe (Raw Vegan)

Bero Honeydew Meal

I like coming up with awesome short names. Bero Honeydew Meal is a short-name for Beetroot Honeydew Melon Algie šŸ˜‰


6 (big) meals

1 phoneydew melon (remove the seeds, cut into pieces)
2 orangesĀ (small pieces)
300 g broccoli (break apart into small pieces, cut the stem to pieces)
50 g kaleĀ (tear into pieces)
50 g dulse AlgieĀ (tear into pieces)
1/4 avocadoĀ (pieces)
1 yellow pepper (pieces)
100 g cone cabbageĀ (sliced)
75 g leekĀ (sliced)
150 g beetrootĀ (grated, big pieces)
100 g celeriacĀ (grated, big pieces)
250 g asparagusĀ (grated, big pieces)
250 g zucchiniĀ (grated, big pieces)
100 g carrotsĀ (grated, small pieces)
40 g gingerĀ (grated, small pieces)
Some Thyme, Coriander

Just mix everything in a big bowl or pot (at least 5 liters), and you’re ready to eat. Tastes even better with a smoothie on the side šŸ˜‰


  • Regular cabbage works just as fine as cone cabbage
  • If you aren’t on anĀ 80/10/10 Raw Vegan diet, I would definitely use a whole or even two avocados
  • Try mixing in some cold-pressed oil
  • You can always try adding a different seasoning or herbs
  • Feel free to add more of a vegetable you like, or less of one you don’t like