Try something twice before you abandon it

After writing the blog post yesterday about desires a question popped into my mind; how many times should you try something before you decide it’s not for you? But I want to start in another end. How come I think starting a blog was something I’ve always wanted. If I feel this good the day after there must be some truth to the desire to write a blog—i.e. it resonates with my soul. That doesn’t have to be the case forever, but today it resonates. I love analyzing how I feel and why I feel it, and I think it’s good to […]

Discovering Desires

So I have started blogging again on a new blog as I felt extremely motivated to talk about my desires. I’m not sure what the content for this blog will be. Maybe a personal development blog with my practices and experiences rather than giving tips; or I it might be more of a blog where I talk about issues, thoughts, and my view of life. I started blogging again because I had an inspiration spike today and asked myself “what would I love to do right now?” and I felt an urge to write something. I didn’t know what form the […]

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