Being Blind To Love

I’ve often been blind to love in the sense that I don’t notice when someone is attracted to me. I’ve sort of always known this deep down, but I never grasped how blind I was and why until just a few weeks ago. Here are my experiences, patterns, and what I’ve learned about myself in the past weeks. Maybe they might help you identify if you’re blind, either in love or in other areas of life.

The Missing Piece In Relationships

I feel that something’s missing in my relationships. But I don’t know what’s missing… I know I want deeper relationships with my girlfriend and friends, but what does deeper really entail?

Those were my thought for a long period of time. I felt that I didn’t really connect with anyone on a deeper level. At the same time I couldn’t put the finger on what was missing in the relationships. That was until I read Steve Pavlina’s two articles on 4D relationships.

My Review Of 2016 And Resolutions For 2017

I’ve never written a review of the current year. But I’ve seen other bloggers do this and what they’d like to focus on the next year. I’ve never felt compelled to write a review. Mostly because I’ve never seen a new year as beginning something new. I see it more like any other day. But one that I celebrate together with other people. I’ve never seen why you need to wait for a new year to commit to a goal. You can always start today by taking small steps.

More Than One Partner

Although I’ve seen myself as poly for 2 years now I still haven’t had more than one partner at the same time. On some days, like today, I feel frustrated by this. Why? Because it feels like most of the other poly people I know have at least 2 partners. Hmm… I’m not really sure what I mean with partner so I’ll guess I have to start finding my own definition before I can answer why I’m frustrated.

how to build a deep relationship

How To Build A Deep Relationship

In the past, I had a hard time building deep relationships. It’s still hard, but now that I’ve finally crossed the threshold it’s a lot easier. I know it’s possible, you only have to follow a certain formula: Open up and be vulnerable. But what kind of strategies can you use to make it simpler to open up, and take that initial step? I want to share four different strategies I’ve used in the past to deepen relationships.

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