The Missing Piece In Relationships

I feel that something’s missing in my relationships. But I don’t know what’s missing… I know I want deeper relationships with my girlfriend and friends, but what does deeper really entail?

Those were my thought for a long period of time. I felt that I didn’t really connect with anyone on a deeper level. At the same time I couldn’t put the finger on what was missing in the relationships. That was until I read Steve Pavlina’s two articles on 4D relationships.

My Review Of 2016 And Resolutions For 2017

I’ve never written a review of the current year. But I’ve seen other bloggers do this and what they’d like to focus on the next year. I’ve never felt compelled to write a review. Mostly because I’ve never seen a new year as beginning something new. I see it more like any other day. But one that I celebrate together with other people. I’ve never seen why you need to wait for a new year to commit to a goal. You can always start today by taking small steps.

More Than One Partner

Although I’ve seen myself as poly for 2 years now I still haven’t had more than one partner at the same time. On some days, like today, I feel frustrated by this. Why? Because it feels like most of the other poly people I know have at least 2 partners. Hmm… I’m not really sure what I mean with partner so I’ll guess I have to start finding my own definition before I can answer why I’m frustrated.

how to build a deep relationship

How To Build A Deep Relationship

In the past, I had a hard time building deep relationships. It’s still hard, but now that I’ve finally crossed the threshold it’s a lot easier. I know it’s possible, you only have to follow a certain formula: Open up and be vulnerable. But what kind of strategies can you use to make it simpler to open up, and take that initial step? I want to share four different strategies I’ve used in the past to deepen relationships.