Fika (social experiment)

If you’re visiting this page it probably means you want to know how the social experiment turned out 🙂 And thank you once again for participating, you don’t know how hard it is for me asking someone this.

I update this page at the end of each day, so check back tomorrow if there has been an update 🙂

More information

I’m writing this before doing the actual experimentation. But for one, I really think it’s fun to talk to a random person. Some of the most fascinating stories and conversations I’ve had have been with strangers.

The other aspect is that I’m facing my fear of starting a conversation with a someone. There have been multiple times I’ve wanted to strike up a conversation with a stranger, as I’ve been curious how their life is and what they’ve learned throughout their years.

I can’t really explain how hard this is for me. But I know some of you are scared of heights, well think of this experiment as jumping from 10 meters into the water. To me, that’s a piece of cake, I like heights. Approaching and starting a conversation with a random person, know that’s scary. Today, Saturday, I’ve decided to head out at 1 pm. The clock is now 5 pm and I still haven’t gone outside. I’ve now devised a plan for tomorrow, on how I will be able to go outside. It’s ridiculously small steps:

  1. Put on some nice clothes
  2. Fix my hair (if I haven’t already)
  3. Shave (my beard grows fast)
  4. Put down the thank you cards in my pocket
  5. Put on shoes and maybe a jacket (depending on weather)
  6. Step outside
  7. Walk to the “big square” (stortorget)
  8. Walk through the street Lilla Fiskaregatan and ask one person about the experiment
  9. Ask another one