Make $2200 From Blogging In 6 Months — Blog Income Series (Week 1)

This month I’m starting a whole new project to make 20 000kr ($2200) from blogging in 6 months. It’s an extremely challenging project; a goal that’s almost out of reach. I started with a ‘realistic’ goal of 5 000kr. But I found that goal so uninspiring and boring I decided to crank up the challenge a bit 😛

During this trip I’ll write about all steps I’m taking; what works and what doesn’t work. This way other people can copy what I’m doing 🙂 I will try to write about all the details and steps in minute detail.

I’ve seen other blogs on “how to make money from blogging”, but I haven’t found any comprehensive guide. Then again, maybe there doesn’t exist one complete guide? What I’ve found are bits and pieces. You can market your blog here, here, and here… But it doesn’t say how to market your blog on these sides, what works what doesn’t work.

This series will be interesting for me to write about, and hopefully a lot of people will find the series useful if they are starting a blog.

Ebooks and workshops

In addition to blogging I will write two ebooks and do one workshop about personal development. I see these as part of my blogging business, although I won’t count the money from the workshop against the total income since it’s an active income.

I will use this blog to promote my two ebooks, and I will use the ebooks to promote my blog. The first ebook I will give away for free to all my subscribers; a good marketing strategy. Why? You get people that like your content onto your mailing list by giving away something of value for free. These are people that find your content great and will probably like your product. So now you have a customer base when you launch a new product.

A few days ago I got a great insight. That I would love to do my own workshops. When I told my loving partner about this while brushing our teeth she was surprised. “I thought you knew that you always wanted have your own workshop, it seemed so obvious.” Not so obvious for me though. The next day I thought: “Why wait a year or two? Why not have a small one in 6 months?”so I added the workshop to my 6 month goal.

Using the time effectively

I will work on the blogging beside my regular job as a game and app developer. In addition I just signed up for Toastmasters, and some other events. And I have one relationship at the moment. And I want to have a social life. It will take some skill to juggle everything and not get stressed. I think I can manage it because writing doesn’t feel like work. In fact, nothing really feels like work, not even marketing, if it’s for something that’s inspiring and I give myself the time to research and explore a task.

That’s one of my most valuable lessons I’ve gained since my last project. I found it was fun and never got stressed when I gave myself the time to explore and do a task thoroughly and try out different solutions. As a bonus, the method produces exceptional results.

I’ve calculated that I have around 7-10 hours available for the project every week. Because I have so few hours available I need to use my time very effectively on the project. Only do tasks that makes the project go forward. Sometimes this will probably mean that I cannot procrastinate by writing another article instead of doing market research or other things. The next action should always be what I think will bring me closer to my goal of making 20 kkr in 6 months. Sometimes that includes writing a blog post, especially when I’m extremely motivated since I tend to write better content and faster.

Focus goals

I set up focus goals for each month to use the time effectively. The focus goals are short and simple. They make it easy for me to see if the action I’m taking brings me closer to the goal, or if I need to take another action.

As mentioned I’ll go through everything in detail; so here are all focus goals for the six months.

6 month (April)

  • Make total of 20 000kr from blogging and ebooks
  • Ebook
    • Hired editor
    • Published second ebook
      • Amazon (kindle)
      • Google Play
      • Apple Store
  • Held a workshop about personal development

5 month (March)

  • Make a total of 13 000kr
  • Ebook
    • Written 30k words
    • Draft done
  • Booked place and sent out invitations for workshop

4 month (February)

  • Make a total of 8 000kr
  • Written 15k words on ebook
  • Planned the workshop topic and researched places to be

3 month (January)

  • Make a total of 4 000kr
  • Ebook
    • Hired editor
    • Published first ebook
      • Amazon (kindle)
      • Google Play
      • Apple Store
    • Made free for subscribers, they receive it when subscribing
    • Researched and decided topic for second ebook
  • Ask what topics people would like for a workshop (from my compiled list)

2 month (December)

  • Make a total of 2 000kr
  • Ebook
    • Written 30k words
    • Draft done
  • Researched topics I would want to do a workshop for

1 month (November)

  • Make a total of 500kr
  • Ebook
    • Researched and decided on a topic for the first ebook
    • Written 10k words
  • Make a list of different topics for a workshop

Begin with the end in mind

It’s important to start setting the goals on the sixth month and not the first. Then continue with the fifth month by asking the question: “What goals do I need for the fifth month to be able to achieve the goals in the sixth month?”

The reason to focus on the last goal and then go backwards is that otherwise you’ll tend to underestimate your abilities. For example I would never had put the goal make 500kr during the first month. I would have put 0–10kr. And 100kr for the second month. “That seems realistic”. PRO-tip: remove the word realistic from your vocabulary if you want to change and achieve great things 🙂

Project management tools


I use Evernote together with Marxico to journal and flesh out my ideas. I like Evernote because it’s easy to store all my documents, bookmarks, etc in Evernote. Think of it like a shelf with infinite notebooks (binder) and each notebook can contain infinite number of notes (documents, webpages, attachments, recordings, and even smaller videos). In addition you can tag all notes so that you can easily search for them in the future.

All notes are stored in the cloud, meaning you have access to all your notes on your mobile device. If you have premium you can even set a specific notebook to be available for offline usage.

Evernote has many great features. There is, however, one drawback with Evernote. Their writing tool sucks, even WordPress does a better job at this. It’s really hard to structure your work as you can’t use headings; you can only change the font size. Tables are also horrible.

This is where Marixco enters the stage as the savior. Marixco makes it easy to structure my document and it has a lot more useful functionality. Marxico is a plugin for Evernote, meaning that everything you write in Marxico is available in Evernote with one caveat: You can only edit the document in Marixco.

I only use Marixco for documents that I want to structure with headings or when I want to use tables.

Free month with Evernote Premium

If you want to try Evernote you can use this link to get a free month with Evernote Premium. It also helps me since if you decide to continue with the premium service (fully optional), I get half a month of premium 🙂


While Evernote is good for taking ideas and writing, it lacks in the project management department. This is where Trello shines. Trello makes it easy to have an overview and prioritize all tasks (Trello calls them cards). You can easily drag and drop cards between lists. I also use the Chrome extension Plus for Trello. This allows me to set time estimation and it also colors the entire card in a specific color.

Below is a picture how my Trello board for blogging looks at the moment.


Currently the color coding is as follows; red is high, yellow medium, and green low priority. Orange is for focus goals, blue for ebook writing, purple for article writing.

What I like with Trello is that it allows me to easily see everything I’ve done this week and month.


Weekly process

At the end of every week I go through the weekly process. The process goes like this

  1. Fill out the weekly report document in Evernote.
  2. Move cards from Done this week to DONE [month name].
  3. If there are any cards in This week I move back those to the Milestone list.
  4. Move cards from Milestone to This week.

Monthly process

At the end of the month, I go through a similar process to the weekly process.

  1. Add new focus goals in Trello
  2. Create new cards for achieving the focus goals in the Milestone list.
  3. Archive DONE [month name] list
  4. Create new DONE [month name] list for the next month

Articles in this series

If you need help with a situation or someone to talk through your problems, feel free to contact me and we can probably work something out ?

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