Journal Entry - Creating A Fun Life

Journal Entry: Designing The Most Exciting Life

Date: 2017-11-30 In this journal entry, I want to design an exciting life and a way of living I would follow if I didn’t give a fuck what society and other people thought about me. More or less, to just do whatever it is that I want to do and live an exciting life (according to my standards). This, however, doesn’t equate to playing games all days and being lazy. No, this is more about designing my life to be exciting and then follow it. Short disclaimer As always, when I write a journal my thoughts tend to jump around. I […]

Journal Entry - Anxiety, stress, and overwhelm

Journal Entry: Struggling To Finish Projects As An Entrepreneur

Date: 2017-10-19(+20) This article or journal entry is a bit of an experiment. Maybe you will like it; maybe you will not. Just let me know afterward in the comments 🙂 I tend to avoid writing my journal entries on my blog. Partly because I’ve been writing in my physical journal, and partly because I’ve written those in Swedish. Today, I feel a bit different. I want to share my struggles, and I want to write about them on my computer. If this will end up as a journal entry on my computer never to see the light or if I […]

How I beat seasonal depression with life hacks

How I Beat Seasonal Depression

Earlier this year, in February, I had a severe seasonal depression. My mental capacity was at zero. I couldn’t concentrate. It felt like my brain was a lump of greasy mud; even having a normal conversation was a challenge. So for two weeks, all I did was to play games all day long. But as always, I grew tired and frustrated with the situation. I longed to write articles for this blog; I didn’t want the seasonal depression to continue all the way until April. I had to cure it no matter what. But that’s not that easy when you don’t have the energy to do anything.

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