Rediscover Your Motivation

Currently I’m at a place where I want to improve myself, but I lack the energy to do so. I honestly find it really hard to get up early in the morning, work and exercise. At the same time I really want to change right now, but at the same time I’d rather change tomorrow. From experience this state doesn’t last forever, but I don’t want to wait for my motivation to come as I really want to change myself right now. This is also the reason I’m writing a blog about it, because I know that writing and planning to get better usually increases my motivation.

This post is to rediscover my motivation, at the same time I want to help others gain some insight on how they can rediscover their motivation. I only have experience of how I work though, so I’ll write from my own perspective and hopefully some of the tactics I use can be of some help to others, or spark some idea. If not you can always experiment what actions increases your motivation; or if you don’t like experimenting, closely “watch” what has happened just before your motivation returned.

Through the years I have found quite a lot of things that helps my motivation.

  • Reading personal development books & blogs When I read about other accomplishments or if they share some interesting idea (that sparks an idea in my head how great I could become) I usually gain quite a lot of motivation. The material I’m consuming have to be really good otherwise I just find it boring.
  • Watching or listening to personal development videos, podcasts, audiobooks I know this is almost the same as the previous one, but listening to someone inspiring is a totally different thing than reading about it. You can absorb some of the radiating energy from the speaker, which is really cool. An motivated speaker could rub off some motivation onto you.
  • Dancing to a really upbeat song Just like you can be really put down by a really good, but horrible movie (City of God), an upbeat movie can improve your energy and spirits. I, however, find that I’d rather watch a personal development video if I want to become motivated than a full movie. Dancing to an upbeat song takes less time (5–10 minutes) and gives me energy directly, instead of having to wait for 2 hours.
  • Writing about my future plans and goals Writing about what I want to accomplish in my life is really inspiring to me. (I think I’ll write another blog directly after this one to find out what my current goals are and how I will accomplish them.) When thinking of my goal I visualize what kind of person I will be when I have reached a goal. I do this out of habit and nothing I force myself to do, so it could be a lot more vivid than it is at the moment. Even though my visualization is this basic I think it’s because of this I get so motivated and inspired. I would like to have some sort of daily routine to visualize myself accomplishing various goals. Hmm… Maybe this will be one  of the tactics I’ll use to keep my motivation up for longer times, then again I have another visualization technique I want to try out 😉
  • Get rid of any stress and bad thoughts I have found that if I ever feel stressed I lose all my motivation. For example I’m stressed right now, because I’m supposed to be working right now, but instead I’m writing a blog. The next step for me is to forgive myself for skipping work today, only then can I get motivated again (or after a while when I have forgot about it).
  • Keeping promises to myself When I do something I have said to myself that I will do I usually get rid of a lot stress and gain even more motivation and increase both my self-confidence and self-esteem. If I break any of my promises both of them usually plummets together with motivation. So even when I’m lacking motivation I should really try to keep my promises as it will be easier to get motivated again.
  • Positive energy meditation I don’t know really what to call it, in addition it’s really hard to describe. I sit still and think how awesome I am and that I can accomplish anything I want to. Although I don’t use words, it’s more of a feeling; like being extremely excited, happy, and loved. For this to have the best effect I usually listen to some high energy music. In one way it’s similar to dancing to an upbeat song.

I guess this was a really short blog post. It wasn’t even supposed to be about rediscovering your motivation. 😛

P.S. I already have quite higher motivation and energy than before starting this post 😀 D.S.

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