Wim Hof Method — Dry Vocal Chords

It’s been almost two months since my last update on the Wim Hof Method. Mostly because I got sick, or so I thought. But it turned out that my vocal chords didn’t like the breathing exercises. At first I took a one week break back in December. But when I tried to get back to the breathing exercises, the symptoms reappeared. At that time I wasn’t sure if it was a virus or if it had something to do with the breathing exercises.

Anyway I decided to take a month break from Wim Hof and then restart the exercises. Now that I’ve come halfway into the second week the symptoms have reappeared yet again. This time around I’m quite certain it’s the breathing exercises that causes my vocal chords to dry up. I turned to the Wim Hof Facebook group for help; asking if anyone knew what to do. I got one good answer: To inhale the vapors from hot water (or tea).

This in turn reminded me of another exercise for dry vocal chords that I saw on TV. The exercise is to blow through a straw into a cup of water. Sounds really simple. But I want to try it, since I want to complete the Wim Hof Method. For credibility it was a singer whose teacher way back taught her this trick. She used it to cure her hoarse voice, dry vocal chords, and improve the strength of her voice. So it seems to work.

Insights since last time

I got to try out some of the third week exercises before I had to take a break in December. Meaning I got to meditate after the breathing exercises as they replaced the stretching exercises. I love the meditation a lot more than doing stretching exercises. The meditation brings further peace into my mind. And as I’m already relaxed after the breathing exercises this makes the meditation so much easier and more fun.

I also found a solution to my breathing problem (the gag reflex). Instead of doing 40 breaths, I should breathe for a longer time and while lying down. If I stress the breaths I have a harder time breathing and my gag reflexes kicks in. Lying down also makes it easier for me to breathe without any gag reflexes. I sort of forgot about doing more breaths for a longer time when I restarted the exercises. Maybe that’ll help my dry vocal chords too.

I didn’t want to lie down at first since everyone in the video is sitting, except one. Wim himself said that you can lie down if that works better for you. But I still wanted to sit up since that’s what everyone else was doing. I.e. I thought this was the proper way to do the exercises.

It’s funny how perfectionisticly dumb I can be at some times. “I have to do it 100% correct and make it work that way”. I’ve found that this happens when I’m blogging too. For example I want to structure this series in a certain way. Usually when I try to fit an article into a certain format they become lifeless and dull. But this article was about Wim Hof. Maybe I’ll write about being perfectionalisticly dumb in a future article 🙂

Also I fainted during the third week when I switched positions to do push ups. That was fun 😀

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5 thoughts on “Wim Hof Method — Dry Vocal Chords

  1. Thanks for relating your Wim Hof experiences. I appreciate the honesty in your posts. I haven’t tried the techniques yet. I am still in the process of gathering information on the subject but I shall certainly give it a go. I would be interested to know if you have maintained any elements of the practice since writing of your experiences. Hope all’s well 🙂 Keith

    1. Glad I could be to some help 🙂

      The only element I have kept is the cold showers. They are “easy” to do and don’t require any extra time. Although to be honest I seldom do cold showers anymore. Usually, it’s during the winter when I feel I have low energy and want to get an energy boost. But not throughout the entire winter. It comes and goes, and that’s okay, I don’t feel like I have to do cold showers every day. I rather do them when I feel inspired since that’s when they give me more energy.

      How about you, did you try any of the exercises?

  2. Matteus,

    Thanks for the validation!

    I thought I was the only person struggling with dry throat! I would do the breathing and get great benefits (only 5 days in), but would get dry throat to the point of “throat tickle” while doing the hold. It was so severe that my eyes would be watering tears down my face from the severe tickle which would get my sinuses going, causing a drippy nose and throat phlegm. What a mess. By the end of my 3 or 4 rounds I would look like I’d been bawling, and have to blow my nose and “recover” for the next hour from all the throat/sinus action.

    I have found that doing the exercises on my back and breathing in (more slowly) through my nose instead of my mouth is working much better so far. I also wanted to do the breathing faster and sitting up after day 2, believing that since all the advanced practitioners were doing it this way, then so should I. LOL

  3. I’ve been searching for any reports of other people experiencing this! It’s been scary for me because of the current novel coronavirus, but when I paused the breathing exercises for a few days, my dei cough cleared up. Of course, I did the exercises today and resumed coughing and then got an email from a coworker who is actually sick, so resuming worry mode…

    1. Hi Stacy, I can feel your worry. I’ve had the same worries but with pollen as some of the symptoms are similar.

      In regards to Wim Hof, I would not continue doing the exercises or at least not breathing as heavy/full so as you get a cough. Although I would’ve wanted to finish the Wim Hof exercises I decided against this since I didn’t want to destroy my vocal cords. There might be some exercise to practice the vocal cords or take deep breaths in a particular way so you won’t cough, I haven’t looked that much. But there’s a general rule I try to follow; if something starts hurting I’m either doing it wrong, or it’s not working (for me).

      Hope this helps ?

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